Opening up new markets

For the HENGEGROUP, political rapprochement to our eastern neighbours gave us the opportunity to build on our existing business relationships and exploit new potential. We took this opportunity in 1999 with the founding of O+H in Prague together with our managing partner, Jindrich Otipka. Hans-Walter Henge and Jindrich Otipka took on successfully the joint task to find new raw material sources for our construction material products in the Czech Republic.

Jindrich Otipka’s commitment developed purchasing as well as sales synergies with Henge Baustoff. With the accession of Jiri Vlcek, first as authorized officer, then later as managing director, O+H's outstanding sales skills were further professionalised, and sales were strengthened in the Czech Republic, Saxony, Bavaria, Austria, Poland and Slovakia.

After Jindrich Otipka’s retirement, Jiri Vlcek, managing partner since 2017, has led the charge for O+H. By opening up new markets and consistently broadening our product and service portfolios, we are always able to offer our customers optimal product and service quality combined with new ideas.