Garnet Sand

Garnet sand is a naturally-occurring red mineral. Our material is so-called “almandine garnet,” also called “beach garnet” or “river garnet”. Due to its specific mineral properties and a perfect combination of hardness and solidity, garnet sand is the preferred raw material for water jet cutting. In addition, it can be used well as a blasting medium and component for water filters.

Depending upon your requirements, we can offer you our KOMINEX garnet sand as well as our virgin garnet sand from reliable sources. Please feel free to contact us!

Chemical analysis (typical):
Al2O3 25,00%
Fe2O3 30,00%
SiO2 35,00%
CaO 2,00%
MgO 7,00%
MnO 1,00%
Available grain sizes:
Metric grain sizes
Other grain sizes upon request


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