Zirconia Alumina

Zirconia Alumina is the most resistant, toughest type of fused alumina available. Depending upon the individual type of material, this fused alumina has a zirconium oxide content of 25% or 40%. In effect, the material is extremely durable compared to all other types of fused alumina. This makes it of particular interest as a component in especially long-lasting tools.

Zirconia Alumina 25%
Chemical analysis (typical):
Al2O3 >68,0%
ZrO2 20,0-28,0%
SiO2 <0,60%
Fe2O3 <0,50%
TiO2 <0,50%
Zirconia Alumina 40%
Chemical analysis (typical):
Al2O3 >55,0%
ZrO2 38,0-42,0%
SiO2 <0,40%
Fe2O3 <0,30%
TiO2 <2,0%
Available grain sizes:
FEPA F macro  
FEPA P makro  
Other grain sizes upon request  

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