From building rubble to construction material

The manufacture, storage and transport of all BSR recycling products are subject to strict quality management to ensure high product quality. Our own production controls and external monitoring by authorised testing institutes ensure adherence to criteria for environmental sustainability and construction physics. All BSR products have TL SoB-StB test seals or the RAL quality seal.

Recyclable residue:
Paving stones
Earth excavation
Concrete rubble
Road construction rubble
Brick and masonry rubble
Porous concrete
Green waste
Old wood
Mixed construction and demolition waste
Tested civil engineering materials:
Grain sizes 0/8; 0/16 mm Use as cover layers in road, square and path construction, for backfilling of media channels, for building backfilling as well as bedding material for composite paving.
Grain sizes 0/32; 0/45 mm Use as a frost protection layer or as a gravel base layer material for the building of roads, squares and paths, also for construction roads and for soil improvement.
Grain sizes 45/80 mm Use in construction road building and trenching as well as soil improvement.