Service and quality

Customer orientation, quality consciousness, skilled employees and optimised decision paths are the basis of our company's success. One of our greatest strengths is the ability to advise you and implement your needs in straightforward ways.

In today’s high-tech society, a continuous improvement process to optimise business practices is a key contributor to success. We strive to consistently improve our product and delivery quality to always fulfil your requirements.

Production processes

On six production lines, residual minerals from the abrasives and refractory industries are made into high-quality products at KOMINEX Minerals + Processing.

A variety of machinery and equipment ensures that the right product can be produced at the right quality, volume and cost. Our equipment includes:

  • Different crushers
  • Various mills
  • Several drying furnaces
  • A variety of magnetic separators and de-dusting equipment
  • Complex sieving equipment to produce various grain sizes

Product quality / testing laboratory

The quality of raw materials is decisive to improving final products and recycling processes. In a first step, we inspect your residues individually for their general suitability for recycling and discuss the best methods to transfer your materials to us.

Upon arrival of all residual materials in our facility, these are again inspected for adherence to the needed parameters for smooth processing. Then they are stored for the interim, and in due time fed into the recycling process in order to manufacture the desired final product.

Before the final products are shipped to our customers, they are inspected in our in-house laboratory for precise adherence to all physical parameters and then shipped.

Our quality assurance consists of the following (among other things):

  • Detailed discussion and close cooperation with our residue suppliers
  • Physical analyses of materials in our in-house testing laboratory
  • Continuous feedback about our product quality

European certification


KOMINEX Minerals + Processing is certified according to EMAS, which underlines our obligation to our customers. Furthermore, we are a certified waste management facility, and have all needed permits for professional acceptance and processing or disposal of your residual materials.