Stop paying disposal costs! We take over your recyclable residue materials from across Europe for reuse.

The legal basis for our work is that we own all permits for proper disposal and recycling of cutting, blasting and grinding residue. Our technical team has the necessary expert knowledge to develop perfect solutions for your disposal tasks.

KOMINEX Minerals + Processing has conducted EMAS-certified environmental management for many years. This EU standard certificate is, in comparison to ISO 14001 (the “environmental ISO”), much more precise and demanding concerning ecological aspects.

In addition, we also became an officially certified waste management facility in 2017, which allows us to offer you all relevant services related to waste, disposal and recycling.

Garnet Sand Residue

We take over your garnet sand residue! We take either your wet, used cutting sands or those which form during blasting. Our tested facilities give us the ability to efficiently dry, clean, de-dust and sieve to various grain sizes. The final product is our top-quality KOMINEX Garnet Sand, which is perfectly suitable for all applications and offers a first-rate alternative to virgin garnet sand.

Our technical experts only need a small, representative sample (300-500 grams) and a few small pieces of information in order to test the usability of your garnet sand residue. After our quick and free analysis, you will receive a direct and competent assessment of the usability of your residue. If positive, we will arrange the complete transfer of your residue materials and will provide you with all the documents you need.

Vitrified Grinding Tool Scrap / Fused Alumina Fines

We are happy to take your residue materials, whether they be from grinding tools, various fused alumina fines or other grinding left-overs from your production. Our different crushing, milling, drying and sieving systems efficiently process all vitrified residue to manufacture our KOMINEX Mixed Alumina. The right combination of raw materials and efficient sieving equipment enables us to produce various grain sizes in order to meet customer needs.

Depending upon the residual materials, we only need a specific description and pictures of the materials in order to create an assessment of their recyclability. In the case of finer particle sizes, the recyclability can be assessed quickly by analysing a small sample (300-500 grams). Our advice and determining usability as well as creating our offer are all at no charge for you. Our team is always ready to answer all questions related to coordination and implementation of the transfer of your residual materials to us.

Processing other industrial mineral residue

We are also happy to take over your used blasting media. Fused Alumina and SiC feedstocks of all kinds can be processed to customer needs in our facility. Simply send us a representative sample (300-500 grams) and we will let you know quickly about the recyclability of your materials. In addition to processing vitrified grinding tool scrap, we are also able to recycle resin-bonded grinding wheels in certain cases.

We are always glad to discuss these opportunities with you on an individual basis. We would also be happy to answer your questions and explain the opportunities related to purchasing other materials and possible processing contracts.