Applications / Industry Sectors

When asking oneself about how our industrial minerals can be applied, looking at the products’ characteristics is very helpful. On the one hand, all of our products are very hard. On the other hand, they are heat-resistant.

Increased hardness is particularly important if a tool or material must remove precisely defined material from a workpiece efficiently. Our products are typified by their sharp cutting edges and cool cut temperatures.

High resistance to thermal stress makes our various minerals the optimal raw material for the production of refractory products of all types. Different minerals fulfil several goals in the final product, depending upon specifications.


When choosing the right mineral for abrasives, the cutting properties of the finished tool need to be precisely defined. Depending upon whether your product must cause fast removal, show increased life time or an especially cool cut, we can jointly discuss about the best suited material in our product portfolio.

Bonded Abrasives
Our products are suitable for the manufacture of all types of bonded abrasive products, such as:

  • Resin-bonded grinding wheels
  • Resin-bonded cut-off wheels
  • Vitrified grinding wheels
  • Rubber-bonded abrasive tools
  • Magnesite-bonded grinding tools
  • Alternative abrasive tools

Coated Abrasives
Our products are suitable for the manufacture of all types of resin-bonded coated abrasives.

Blasting Media

Our Fused Alumina, SiC, Glass Beads and Garnet Sand are used for all kinds of surface treatments. As blasting media, they are accelerated onto a defined surface, thereby removing material according to their technical properties.

This removal can be used to clean surfaces and to prepare them for the next process step, such as painting or sealing. In addition, defined changes to the surface structure can achieve desired technical properties, such as creating a matting effect using glass beads.

Ask us about Fused Alumina, SiC, Glass Beads and Garnet Sand or about another blasting media of your choice.


Brown Fused Alumina , White Fused Alumina and Black SiC are used to manufacture refractory monolithics and stones. They form the raw materials which lend the final product its core property of heat resistance. A precise selection of the right mineral is needed, depending upon its application.

In addition to Fused Alumina and black SiC, we can also supply you with our other refractory products. Let’s talk!

Further applications

In addition to their use as abrasives, blasting media or refractories, our industrial minerals are also used in a number of other areas, such as:

  • Lapping compounds
  • Polishing compounds
  • Technical ceramics
  • Additive to wear-resistant flooring
  • Hard concrete aggregates
  • ...

We will be glad to talk you about our options!